Annual Impact Report 2023

India is in the midst of a massive, deadly COVID tsunami. While social media and apps are helping the digitally literate, there are hardly any local language resources for those at the bottom of the pyramid. Daily wage earners, migrants, rural and urban poor, all need access to correct information. Further, they need the last-mile support. With its 200+ field operations team and 2000+ active field agent cadre, Haqdarshak is providing support for welfare programs, vaccine registration support as well as insurance coverage. Our resources are free to be distributed. Our helpline will provide the latest, detailed, information in the local language.


Find out how to register for vaccines, how to get your certificate and other useful information related to the process.


Find out more about COVID-19 support welfare schemes announced by the government.


India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive in which all those above 18 are also eligible has started.