Our technology provides easy access to welfare services via an assisted-tech model.


At Haqdarshak, we are building the systems to support a next-gen welfare delivery service at the last-mile. With technology being leveraged by a trained support agent, our model is designed to scale and empower.


Enable every citizen and MSME with access to government welfare and financial services.


Our vision is to improve socio-economic conditions and elevate the standard of living of communities by ensuring ‘last-mile’ service delivery of government welfare and financial services.


Our model is simple:
Use technology to bridge the information gap by digitizing and codifying welfare schemes data on the platform thereby building a rich repository of government services in local Indian languages.
An easy eligibility-discovery engine which provides results in minutes.
Train select field agents for on-field implementation to implement the assisted-tech model.
Provide end-to-end application support to community members.
Along the way, we:
Engage and empower communities.
Empower women by creating livelihoods for them.


The Indian government spends over 7% of its GDP on welfare services. But there’s still a huge gap in the demand and supply, resulting in unspent funds. For this, information asymmetry is the major reason.
There are other problems as well:


Beneficiaries live in remote, rural areas and so touchpoints are far.


Limited mobility and public transport. Poor network connectivity.


Low level of literacy. Difficulty in comprehending government information.
Partner with us to create an impact at the last mile:
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