Annual Impact Report 2023


The COVID relief package was one of the biggest relief operations in India. The aim was to deliver cash, credit and food supply by relying on the existing Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) infrastructure of JAM (Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and mobiles) trinity.
We conducted a study to understand the real impact of the government's COVID19 relief measures and the challenges faced by citizens to access those benefits over the last one year.
We conducted a detailed survey with 255 citizens and 65 MSMEs across 9 Indian states and union territories. Some of the major findings were:
1. 82% workers said that the benefits from schemes was extremely critical for covering basic costs at a time when they were not earning anything
2. 70% of the surveyed citizens said they were highly satisfied by Haqdarshak's support because there were no similar services in their area and illiteracy prevented them from approaching other means of information.
3. 81% businesses got back on track due to access to benefits
4. 60% small business owners experienced no earning during the lockdown period