Annual Impact Report 2023


We have a very exciting announcement to make! For the last 6 years we have relentlessly focused on finding solutions to ease access to social protection for individuals ― and very recently ― for micro-businesses. The journey has been challenging but fulfilling ― we’ve impacted 15 lakh families across 24 states, and unlocked welfare benefits worth over 1000 crore INR.

We are now embarking on HQ’s next phase of rapid growth and larger impact. We’ve joined hands with Dvara Money, Dalberg and Acumen to form a coalition to bring 11 million workers under the social security net. This will be done via India’s first pay-per-outcome financing model to link workers to social protection schemes and financial inclusion products.

Here’s what Aniket Doegar, our CEO and co-founder has to say: “With the launch of this pay-per-performance model, backed by a revolutionary card-based platform, we are sure to expedite the impact in the social protection ecosystem in the next 4-5 years!”


Together, we are raising 6 million USD in the first phase, till March 2022, from philanthropies, corporates and multilateral organizations. With this, we will impact at least 1 million workers and enable them to access social security schemes and other financial inclusion services. The objective in the second phase of the program would be to increase the scope tenfold and target ten million workers.

The implementation will be led by Haqdarshak which will leverage its technology and a cadre of field agents. Dvara’s innovative and customised financial products and services will be in the list of offerings. Dalberg will be the program manager and lead design. Acumen has committed to provide the risk capital. There will also be a custodian for the funds raised, along with an independent evaluator.


One, it gives an opportunity to create impact on a whole new level ― we are aiming at doubling our current social return of investment of 30X.

Two, we are launching a first of its kind card-based product for social protection which we are co-creating with Dvara Money!

Three, we have a fantastic coalition who are experts in social impact, fundraising, and financial inclusion.

To top it all, we will also expand our brick-and-mortar centres to deliver services under this program ― Yojana Kendras ― which we have been testing in stealth mode. You’ll know more about these centres, starting tomorrow.

Upwards and onwards!